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During concert, Green Day invited a 10-year-old boy to play with them

Attending the concert of your favorite band is the dream of many people since sometimes they are opportunities that only occur once in a lifetime. A boy in the United States managed to fulfill this dream, what he would never imagine is that he could also get on stage with them.

Montgomery, was a ten-year-old boy whom Green Day invited to play with them during the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. Billie Joe Armstrong chose the little one from the crowd without imagining the surprise he would get.

Do you really know how to play? All right, boy, get your butt over here!”Billie said before helping Mont onto the stage. The band’s singer hung his guitar over the little boy so he could start his show.

Knowledge It was the theme that he played in front of the crowd that was present at the festival that did not stop applauding Montgomery for his fantastic performance and the scenic mastery he showed.

If Montgomery’s night couldn’t go any better, the Green Day guitarist decided to give him his popular white guitar that he had just used, he also asked everyone to chant his name for the great show he had just given.

The band shared one of the photos taken that night and captioned it: “We love Montgomery. Thanks for playing with us at @sfoutsideland

“I was really focusing on playing guitar and Billie Joe Armstrong and all that, just looking at the crowd with all the big lights and stuff.” Montgomery told the Datebook site.


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