Dulce Maria, ex-RBD, shows tender images of her daughter

Dulce María, a former member of RBD, has decided to show some tender images of her little daughter. María Paula, born four months ago, is the first-born of the actress and singer. Since her birth, she had only shown some images in which the little girl’s face could not be clearly seen.

But on the occasion of Children’s Day, Dulce María wanted to share a photographic session of the little girl with some reflections on her arrival. In the images, Maria Paula wears flowing dresses in pastel tones with matching flower headbands. The spring shooting is the first starring the famous baby.

“Having this drink with me every day has changed my life. It has taught me so much and reminds me that our dreams and what we want are worth fighting for, ”said the artist.

“She is the light, hope, strength, peace, joy. It is the fruit of love and it is pure magic, my teacher drinks, hehehe. I love her so much !!! ”, he continued.

Dulce María says she has discovered in her daughter the greatest love in the world

Dulce María said in an interview for Primer Impacto that her new stage as a mother has been a challenge for her. But that he has discovered an immense love that he had never known before.

“The innocence of a child is compared to nothing, the most honest smile, the enthusiasm and curiosity with which they see the world, their capacity for wonder, their pure soul, how they do not tire until they get what they want, they show when they are dissatisfied, they smile with those who feel good and if they do not cry, “the artist wrote in another part of the text.

“Let us not stop smiling to dream and let us never lose the essence of our soul and that nothing and no one turn off the light and the joy of the child that we all were,” he concluded.

The artist was not present at the recent RBD reunion concert because she has decided to focus 100% on her work as a new mother.

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