Dulce Maria doesn't benefit so much from

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- “You can have millions of replicas on the platform, but they don’t pay you what they used to do for a record,” Dulce, a girl who debuted in music more than 20 years ago says Maria. .

She says, she was one of those people who got excited about buying an album and then enjoying the pictures and song lyrics.

Professionally, he was 11 years old when, as a member of the group Kids, his first album Newborn came on CD and Who refused to die, Cassette. “Imagine what I’m talking about,” he recalls of the moment with a laugh.

He knows people don’t buy physical records anymore, but he will release a version of his new album at the end of the year.

“Almost everything is already out there (six singles), but it will be very few copies with photos and later, if possible, a luxury version to include more songs, it will be for a lot of fans, “They say.

“We have to adapt, I was one of those people who got excited when I bought an album, things have changed, but music always finds its way,” he says.

Yesterday he released “Amigos con derechos”, a new single from his album “Origine”, which was ready from 2018 and will barely be completed.

“Songs are not promoted on radio, but on platforms and they are finding their way, it has been a new way of doing things, when I was used to the other,” she says.

Dulce Maria can currently be seen in the series “False Identity”, recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and awaiting the premiere of the film comedy “Like a Ring on the Finger”.

In the latter, she plays a girl who is about to marry a trendy filmmaker, with an actor standing in her way. David Chocaro and Mauricio Argueles make up the cast.

“I’m really enjoying being a mom (her baby is seven months old), I hope a project comes along,” she concludes.