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Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera did not go to Maite Perroni’s marriage, but they send strong messages (Shots)

  • Folks noted the absence of two former ‘rebels’
  • Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera did not attend the wedding day
  • The forceful messages that the artists released immediately after lacking the celebration

Dulce María Alfonso Herrera wedding ceremony Maite: Without having a doubt, the wedding of former RBD member Maite Perroni is everywhere you go, as it was a single of the most breathtaking functions that took area this weekend. The singer and actress celebrated her relationship to tv producer Andrés Tovar.

There have been a lot of television personalities invited to the luxurious wedding day, but what most caught the notice of the supporters was the existence of the members of ‘Rebelde’, the legendary Mexican soap opera of the 2000s. Only that individuals found the absence of two users of the band, Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera…


Dulce Maria Alfonso Herrera wedding Maite

Maite Perroni’s wedding day with the tv producer was a entire success, from the time they received engaged by the civil, to the significant celebration. It should really be pointed out that the Mexican actress dressed in white, and her costume was too acclaimed by her devoted followers.

On the other hand, the absence of two former associates of the famous band was fairly apparent, since when Anahí, Christian Chavez and Christopher Uckermann were dancing all evening with the bride, Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera were the great absentees of the night time. Filed Underneath: Dulce María Alfonso Herrera wedding day Maite

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