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Dulce, Alicia Villarreal and Lupillo Rivera take advantage of the air, in ‘El challenger’

The three music stars agree on how convenient it is to have screen time through a reality show like The Challengerthat starts this sunday The stars.

Sweet is one of the contestants who, through music, andwill enter competition with Arath de la Torre, who will defend himself with his skills for imitation; Y Adrian Di Monti and Pia Sanzwho through dance will try to win the contest with the team they will lead.

Dulce, Pía Sanz, Adrián di Monte and Arath de la Torre will star in the El Retador competition

Although the singer highlights that for her “it doesn’t matter how long the competition lasts, if it lasts two or five programs it’s fine. It’s air, and as an artist, like a diver, I need air.”

But it also requires:

“The program is not my achievement; it may be the realization of others. It’s not going to bring me down. I’m already done, I’m not here to pass a test, that’s what an insecure person would think.

And adds:

“I want to go out and sing well dressed, with make-up, so that they say: ‘Look how well Dulce is preserved.’ My best investment is to give people a moment of joy, of memories, of distraction, to me (being in the reality show) gives me air, and here there is no one who loses.

He even acknowledges that although it is true that as a singer he has various plans, among which “a tour and the recording of a new album” stands out, being on television is very convenient because of the exposure it offers.

In interview with MILLENNIUMspecifies:

“Television has to be done, if it’s successful, that’s great, and if not, it doesn’t matter. Gonzalo Vega used to say: ‘There is no worse movie than the one that isn’t made’. And I think it’s the same on television, you have to do it, you have to make the album, you have to make the presentation, you have to make the program, because if not, we get stuck and the worst thing that comes to you is depression. No, I like to be active”.

The judges

Lupillo Rivera will have the role of judge in the competition, so he will team up with Alicia Villarreal and Fonseca; and like the singer from Tamaulipas, she sees on the screen the way to connect massively with the public to be current.

“Television gives you the opportunity to be continuously present and for people not to forget you,” said the singer when interviewed by MILLENNIUM.

He stressed that this action is very convenient today “because now there are many media (social networks) through which the public has an infinite number of options to entertain themselves, so being on television helps a lot to be present, to be watch constantly.”

Although he acknowledged that he has also been adapting to the new media provided by technology:

“I started my career when social networks did not exist, and right now there are many artists in those media; I have struggled, it is a job that you have to integrate into your career to stay current, you have to adapt”.

Even when making the comment that his relationship with Belinda led him to a more youthful audience, after a loud laugh, he expressed: “Well, unintentionally wanting.”

Lupillo added:

“You try to be present and God has set the path for me and you just walk along it, people who support you and others who don’t come in, but you have to put up with it and move on, because my interest has not been to be the number one; I want to be the artist who when people have their drinks on them, say: ‘Now give me one of Lupillo Rivera’. That is what I want”.

Alicia Villarreal from the north also recognized the importance of being on screen:

“I am excited to be in this show, the vibe is spectacular and it is a challenge for us. Maybe I don’t know that much about dancing, but I dance a lot; I don’t know much about comedy, but I make my fans laugh, I talk to them, I sing to them, which is my priority. The Challenger It is a great production, great team, with an incredible track record. And these participants… is what I felt almost 30 years ago; being on stage is something very big for the participants, so we are all going to enjoy it”. _


From production. “It is difficult to make entertainment”: Rubén Galindo

The producer of the reality show, after 18 years of doing the genre on Televisa, recognized MILLENNIUM:

“It is very difficult to make entertainment, only by loving this job from the root you are able to overcome the external and internal challenges you face, because you also have to find courage and attitude against a world that seems to be against you.”

In The Challenger highlights that the great challenge has been “harmonizing the 300 people who make up the team, putting them in tune, so that we all pursue the same dream, that we all see the same dream in our imagination


He even acknowledged that the protagonists of the reality show that will be hosted by Consuelo Duval do have an ego, but that his team is managed under the premise that “the star is the program.”

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