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Dua Lipa holiday in Mexico; CDMX. Visit La Casa Organica in

  Dua Lipa holiday in Mexico;  CDMX.  Visit La Casa Organica in

Mexico City (EL Universal).- Singer dua lipa Once again in Mexico. In March he was in Mexico City, where he visited the Prime Public Project, a Porfirian house adapted for social and cultural events, located in Colonia Juárez, Cuoutémoc mayor’s office.

On this occasion, the English singer chose another architectural position characteristic of the metropolitan area: organic house, which was designed by architect Javier Senosian. The barrow is famous for its distinctive curved lines and for having a sort of “borough” as it indicates that it is under the lawn of a large garden. The large windows and structure of one part of the enclosure give the appearance of a shard.

According to the official website, the property, located in the state of Mexico overlooking the Parque Nacional de los Remedios, was not originally intended to emulate a shark, although that was how the masons named the building because of its shape. In the end, the architect decided to add a wing and named it El Tiburón.

The architect aimed “to find spaces similar to the Mother Monastery, for animal shelters, for the man who adopted caves without modifying his environment.” The concave spaces, wide, continuous and filled with light, are characteristic elements of the architect Senosian who can also be seen in this space designed between 1985 and 1990. Initially, the property – popular on Instagram for its aesthetic – had only one room, but “as the family grew, it needed to be expanded”, read Javier Senosian’s official site.