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Drew Scott Gush Over Being a Dad: It’s ‘Unlocked a Side You Didn’t Know You Had’ (Exclusive)

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Fatherhood looks good over property brothers. Drew Scott is opening up about becoming a new dad this year, while brother Jonathan Scott insists on becoming an “insta dad” to girlfriend Zooey Deschanel’s kids.

“It unlocks a side you didn’t know you had,” Drew told ET’s Nichelle Turner during a recent visit to HGTV’s set. brother vs brother, Which will return to the network in 2023.

After a long fertility journey, Drew’s wife Linda Phan gave birth to their son Parker on May 12 – the couple’s anniversary!

“You think you know,” he continues, “I have this deep love for Linda but then, all of a sudden, that shallow pool is there. I’m not saying shallow with Linda, I love Linda , but there’s another depth to my love with Linda and Parker. It’s amazing to see his face when he looks at you, like, once he starts focusing and he closes eyes with you Is – oh, your heart melts. It’s amazing.”

Drew shared that 13-week-old Parker is “such a little darling” and has inherited “Linda and my best qualities.” The kid is already on his way to being as tall as his father, with Drew jokingly: “Look, Shaq, I think he’s doing it to be a basketball player.”

For his part, Jonathan already has big plans for being the cool uncle. “When he’s a little older, I’ll spoil that kid,” he says, “put him all on the sugar, send him home. It’ll be great.”

“Family is very important to us and we have two kids,” says Jonathan, referencing girlfriend Zooey’s daughter, Elsie, 7, and son, Charlie, 5. “These guys come over all the time with nephews, nieces and all. Guys – they all play together. I can imagine that as the Parker grows up, it will be one big happy family.”

Jonathan says he has become a “bonus dad” to her 500 days of summer The actress’ children shared a story about the surprising way they learned what the universe had in store for them that year since the couple started dating in 2019.

“We were in Toronto filming one of our shows and we wrapped up filming, and we threw a party for all of our crew,” he recalls. “At this party we had a tarot card reader that we thought, you know, ‘This will be fun. Everyone will enjoy.'”

When it came time for Jonathan to read, the card reader revealed a big surprise.

“When she was doing my cards she said, ‘Ah, yeah. You’ll be a father within years.’ And I’m like – ‘Some important information is missing, there!’ ‘Because I wasn’t even dating anyone at the time,’ he says. “Three months later, I met Zooey. We started dating again, never even thinking about it until all of a sudden – I was Insta-dad.”

For both brothers, the transition to parenthood has made them feel like homebodies.

“For the first time in history, it’s easy for me to convince Drew not to travel so much,” jokes Jonathan.

“We love helping and renovating the families on the show,” says Drew, “but we also want to spend more time at home with our families.”

In fact, Drew says that he and Linda have no plans to enlist the help of a midwife anytime soon.

“For now, Linda and I are taking it all,” he says. “I have a busy filming schedule and Linda is taking care of Parker during filming — but when I’m not here 24/7, it’s full time with Parker. We just don’t want to miss those minutes, you You know, moments when he’s young. I don’t want to miss any of that.”

Drew and Jonathan will return with new episodes on HGTV brother vs brother in 2023.

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