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Drew Barrymore on ‘Hope’ Returns to TV with The Talk Show Star-Spangled Season 2 (Exclusive)

Drew Barrymore teases second season of his talk show with famous guests (exclusive)

The Drew Barrymore PresentThe second season is off to a flying begin! CBS Media Ventures introduced on Tuesday that the Drew Barrymore-hosted collection will kick off a two-week premiere occasion on September 13 with prime expertise together with Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish and extra.

When ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke to the 46-year-old host, she could not comprise her pleasure about welcoming Jennifer Aniston as Season 2’s first visitor.

“We’re going to be launching with none other than someone who could be one of my favorite people on planet Earth, Jennifer Aniston,” Barrymore exclaimed. “… I’m so excited, because she is a movie star, an artist, a woman, a human, someone we all marvel at. She has longevity. I love this woman so much. I love this woman so much. can’t believe I’m going to be able to do this with her. “

“I don’t see anyone I would rather listen to than her. I find her to be such an amazing woman who has been catching our attention for so long,” she added. “… It’s everyone’s dream to have her as your first guest. Any guest. If Jennifer Aniston comes to play in your field, you know it’s the best day ever. I hope to give her an afternoon where she walks away from her feelings like, ‘It was different. I feel good about it. I was myself.’ “

Following the beginning of Aniston’s week one, the second episode will star Molly Shannon, David Arquette and Michael Vartan for a By no means been kissed assembly.

“The whole team is coming back and we won’t have just one reunion. It will be something a little more complex,” Barrymore advised ET of the 1999 romantic comedy solid reunion she was in. play.

The reunion will not be the one nod to By no means been kissed within the present’s second season. In reality, Barrymore plans to reprise her position as reporter Josie Grossie by sending her on film journeys to interview individuals.

'Never Been Kissed'

“Coming back to Josie Groosie’s place is so easy. I don’t think I’ve ever been in her shoes. I loved this character so much. She was so personal to me,” Barrymore mentioned. “This whole thing for me wasn’t about doing another rom-com, it was about being a human being who represents us all. How and when do you become good with yourself? That’s what Never been kissed is all.”

“That’s why Josie is so excited. She’s really serious too,” she added. “She has great feelings and understands great feelings, and I think we can all understand and understand the fact that we have a lot of great feelings in the world today.”

Additionally within the second episode of the season, Barrymore might be joined by RuPaul as they embark on a brand new journey collectively and return to high school to graduate from highschool. It is an instance of how Barrymore will revisit his previous this season.

“I’m basically getting an old blue Bronco that I drove when I was 16, and I’m going to go and visit all the places I grew up,” she advised ET. “I’m going to pass my first apartment when I was 14, the weird little duplex I grew up in. I’m going to pass the weird little institution my mother put me in. I’m going to go to the Chinese Theater and put my face in the profile of my father who is in cement. I’m going to go to my old schools that I didn’t really go to because I was mostly on film sets. “

“I really want to have [it be] genuine, “Barrymore continued.” … No matter if you think you know someone, you probably don’t know what their life was like, especially because people haven’t seen the way I grown up that wasn’t in front of the camera … When you can look back and know where you are now, it’s a place for you, it’s kind of a great trip. “

Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz At Lucy Liu Hollywood Star Of Fame Ceremony
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The third episode of season two will star Cameron Diaz, Barrymore’s longtime pal.

“My best friend is coming back. We’re going to do a Besties Hour, which is going to be so exciting,” Barrymore mentioned. “… She happens to be my best friend. She’s probably my only famous best friend.”

“We became friends when we were 14 and 16, so it wasn’t charlie’s angels“she revealed to ET on Wednesday.” I labored in a restaurant, I used to be the barista. I sucked at my job and my boss hated me …

The following day, Eilish might be becoming a member of the celebration, one thing Barrymore is wanting ahead to.

“I have butterflies in my stomach [over] how excited i am [to talk to her]. As someone who grew up in front of everyone, I’m more fascinated with her than most people because she has real conviction and strength, “Barrymore defined.” I can’t wait to see her grow, evolve. . Owning what she does at her age and having the opinion that she has, raising her family in a unique way is a real dichotomy, and her talent is limitless. “

“I think she has very rare strengths,” added host Eilish. “I’m curious if she’s going to give herself the opportunity to change and grow, because you do so many things when you grow up, but I feel like she’s working from cylinders which are really unnaturally amazing. . “

A particular hour of the Emmys, co-hosted by ET’s Nischelle Turner and Kevin Frazier, and starring Cedric the Entertainer, will shut the week.

“I think the awards show need to evolve into something different. I think they’re a bit archaic right now and we don’t need pageantry and competition in the world we live in,” Barrymore mentioned. “Now we have to rejoice the artwork of leisure, as a result of though I’m wondering what any of us are doing throughout the pandemic, I got here again to the truth that there’s benefit on this. That we’d like training, leisure, escape, data, popular culture, all items. “

The next week Barrymore will host friends together with Awkwafina, Carmelo Anthony, Ziwe Fumudoh, Ben Platt, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Martha Stewart.

“I have no other goal than to try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Let this be a conversation, it will never be an interrogation. I just don’t want to want to. keep it on the surface ‘because it’s so boring,’ Barrymore said of his interview style. “… I need to push the boundaries, however I’ve no real interest in upsetting individuals. It is actually not who I’m. It is so in opposition to who I’m. In order that bizarre line is a bizarre line to browse on a regular basis, however I find it irresistible. “

As she heads into Season 2, Barrymore said her show is all about finding “the stability.”

“The thing with a show like this for me is balancing the art of conversing with the people you know and love, meeting people you’ve never heard of and that can no longer get out of your mind and that inspire you, ”she said. “The meals, the design and the information … but in addition, methods to get entangled and make just a little selection?”

“I came from the era of television where there was a lot of playfulness. There were so many talk show hosts who carried that torch continuously. It was always the art of putting that in. the day. This season is really great. opportunity for us to continue with that, “Barrymore continued.” … I also think that’s a time where we can get back to some of that sweetness that TV had. . There was a sweetness and a hope that I think we need in return. “

Season 2 of The Drew Barrymore Present might be launched on September 13.