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Drew Barrymore gets emotional over Britney Spears’ sweet message about her: ‘So many feelings’

Drew Barrymore responded to a post in which Britney Spears called her ‘beautiful’ and admitted to being ‘excited’ for the singer’s future book in a video from an upcoming episode of her talk show.

Drew Barrymore public speaking after Britney Spears share a kind post About him on April 6. The 47-year-old actress commented on the 40-year-old singer’s sweet message, who called her “beautiful”, in a new glimpse of an upcoming episode The Drew Barrymore Showand explained that it took her a few days to respond because she wanted to “choose” her “words correctly.”

“Everyone on the show, because I was filming here, came running to me and looked like you, and I just said I’ll watch it when I’m up, I want to be discreet I want to read every word she says,” Drew said in the clip. “I want to answer really thoughtfully, I really want to choose my words correctly.”

She said that Britney’s post left her speechless and she is looking forward to “writing her book because I think it’s such a smart and intelligent way of telling her story, it keeps us all reading and away from our screens.” So thank you Britney for that, and she’ll control that narrative, and she’ll tell us in her own words, and it’s a great way for us to be invited into her world.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears called Drew Barrymore ‘beautiful’ last week. (image press agency/nurphoto/shutterstock)

“In reply [to that]’I just have to choose my words carefully because this is such a moment for me, I have so many feelings for her, so much depth, so how do you sum it up in one post,’ Drew said. “She managed to do it, now I’ll have to figure it out, but really when you put your words to Britney Spears we’re all listening, so I’m really excited for your book.”

Drew’s video comes after Britney praises her and the two kate hudson Having two women in Hollywood that made him “speechless” when he met them. “I’ll tell you guys a little secret … I’ve met thousands of celebrities in the business… but I must say the 2 people where I was really left speechless were @katehudson and @drewbarrymore.. .they are the 2 prettiest people I’ve ever seen in my life!!!,” Britney said in a caption for the two stars’ photos.

“Like shocked!!! I had to open my stupid mouth – with Kate so I immediately ran off and with Drew… I got mute!!!,” she continued. “I’m saying all this because it’s honestly weird that expectations of being perfect in social media are crazy enough!!! And although I love my husband, I’ll be honest and say I get angry all the time !!!”

“So I think the brotherhood is really deep with each other… we care what others think and then when you start taking yourself too seriously I give up before it even starts.” Because I care so much!!! It’s so hard…,” she said. “I’m sharing this because we all feel isolated behind our phones and computers … I’ve had my whole life have never opened a computer… just a phone … but I remember walking up to someone on the street and saying hello and smiling… it’s so rude… I told a young group of kids Said hi and smiled… they looked at me like I was on crack!!! This honestly made me so stupid so I’ll just keep going back to my phone and not being an ally because honestly I think it makes you cool in this world!!! I say it all but will probably buy a computer today!!!”

Once Britney shared her post, it didn’t take long for Kate to respond with kind words like Drew. “❤️❤️❤️ So much to unpack here beautiful lady! But I have three important things to say…” she began. “I guess! 1) Never stop smiling at Stangers! You can and will change lives with that smile! 2) Perfection in boring 3) I am so happy with this compliment.”

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