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Dream collaboration! The Strokes and Eddie Vedder on the same stage

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Last Wednesday Seattle witnessed one of the most interesting collaborations in the music industry as the band The Strokes was in charge of opening the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert where Eddie Vedder was also the surprise guestwho joined Julian Casablancas and company to play Juicebox.

The leader of the Pearl Jam band has confessed on several occasions that he admires the work of Casablancas and his group and that he is also a fan of their music. Even a forum on Reddit revealed that this collaboration began to take shape just when Vedder confessed to Casablancas how much he liked that success that premiered in 2005 as part of First Impressions of Earth. To Eddie’s praise, Julian admitted that part of the inspiration for writing juice box it was thanks to the theme not for you by Pearl Jam.

“I had no idea, I haven’t really heard it yet (speaking of the snippet)… I think it’s totally original. Every time I get to play it with them, I’m more than happy,” said Vedder, who had previously performed this song with the band on several occasions, most recently at Ohana Fest in 2019.


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