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Drake roasted his father Dennis Graham to get a big tattoo on his face

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has inked his love for his son, and the rapper isn’t too thrilled with the result.

Drake shared a shot of his father’s hand on Instagram on Monday, with a picture of his son’s face tattooed on it. Tait, who appears just below Denise’s shoulder, shows a young Drizzy smiling at the camera. In the “Tex Go Green” rapper’s post, he not only shared a photo of the massive tattoo, but called on his father to get it.

Drake wrote, “@therealdennisg I was just sitting here wondering why you do this to me, us family.” His father responded swiftly in the comments, claiming that he had tried to fix tattoos by “16 people”.

“Hahaha I had 16 guys to try and straighten it out, they’re hurting me ️🤦🏽️🤦🏽️🤦🏽 ️❤️,” wrote Denise, before adding, “I love you ️ And miss you.”

Several other rappers and musicians took to the comments to laugh at the tattoo mistake, with both 2Chainz and PopCan crying back with a laugh emoji, while British Afrobeat group, NSG, captioned Drake’s recently released album. played, honestly, never mindWriting, “Honestly, I felt bad.”

Drake’s mom also made an appearance on social media, with the rapper’s former Young Money label partner, Nicki Minaj, posting a video of her and Sandra Graham backstage at the Young Money reunion concert over the weekend.

“Here’s my mom – my ex-mother-in-law,” Minaj jokes in the clip. “No, I love you mom, you look beautiful. I couldn’t wait to see you, and tell my son not to talk to me anymore.”

“Can you repeat this?” Sandra asks. “Tell your son…,” Minaj begins in front of her, with Sandra and Drake themselves erupting in laughter.

After postponing her original OVO Fest reunion following Drake’s positive COVID diagnosis, Minaj reunited with Drake and Lil Wayne for a Young Money reunion in Toronto, Canada.

The concert marked the trio’s first performance in eight years.

See more from their epic reunion in the video below.

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