Singer and actor Drake Bell received sentence from the United States authorities for crimes against minors for events that occurred in 2017.

After a virtual audience held on July 12, the famous interpreter received the announcement of two years of probation and 200 hours of community service on California.

According to the woman who at that time I was 15 years old, she attended one of his concerts in Ohio where she contacted him, after Drake Bell sent him inappropriate messages, which had sexual content. That would have left him with a trauma, which left him with panic attacks.

At the June 23 hearing, the singer pleaded guilty one felony and one minor offense, for spreading material harmful to minors.

On June 23 Drake Bell pleaded guilty.

According to the authorities’ investigation, it was revealed that both had a link from their communication on social networks; In addition, Drake’s defense argued that the messages were consensual both sides.

On June 4, Drake Bell was arrested for violating the rights of minors. A fine of $ 2,500 and a restraining order were issued against the young woman.

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