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‘Dragon Ball: Evolution’: the ‘live-action’ adaptation that failed

dragon ball has positioned itself as one of the most popular anime of all times. The work created by Akira Toriyama during the year 1984 It has remained in the taste of both children and adults.

After the resounding success of Dragon Ball Z and a little stumble with Dragon Ball GTthe popular anime premiered a new season during 2015 called Dragon Ball Superwhich already has several moviesbeing Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero the most recent.

The success of this great anime has led it to have appearances in other media such as video games and especially in the cinema, currently counting on more than 15 movieswhich are well remembered by their followers, however, there is a movie in live actionthat is, starring real actors and elements, which has caused great controversy not because of its great history or its memorable performances, but quite the opposite.

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Dragon Ball Evolution: The adaptation hollywood from the anime that failed

It was during the year 2009 when Dragon Ball Evolution It reached theaters around the world, however, since the first details of the film were known, anime fans began to doubt its quality.

The film, directed by James Wong and distributed by 20th Century Foxtells the story of a young Goku who just turned 18 years old who receives a striking object known as a dragon ball as a gift from his grandfather. While Goku is in college He finds out about the existence of 6 other spheres, at the same time that he gets to know Bulma, Piccolo and other characters already seen in the anime.

One of the most criticized aspects of this film was the americanization of the story and the charactersWell, the fact that Goku goes to school and lives a more traditional life is far from what is seen in the animation.

Goku in Dragon Ball Evolution

The absence of great characters like Krillin annoyed the fans more, since the lack of sayings adds to the large number of changes that this film brought with it.

Despite having cost a total of 30 million dollars and recovering 58 million, being received in a bad way by fans and critics, the opportunity to see a sequel where Vegeta, Frieza, among others, are introduced, was disappearing over time

A new opportunity to dragon ball in Hollywood?

In recent months there has been rumor about what Kevin Feigin charge of Marvel Cinematic Universewould be planning a series of films that tell the story of dragon ballHowever, this has remained as simple speculation.

Even so, fans of Japanese animation hope that if a new adaptation is confirmed live actionfinally justice is done Dragon Ball.


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