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Drag-Queen Bianca Del Rio’s Phenomenon Has Been Sold for Three Teatro Operas

Bianca Del Rio is one of the most popular names in the world of drag and the LGBTQIA+ community. A Latin American tour began in late March. uncleanHer new stand up show that brought her to Buenos Aires for the first time.

Last Sunday and Monday it filled two teatro operas and third date couple For this Sunday 10, after passing through Chile, Mexico and Peru. “It was so funny. Everything’s a little hazy for me because I just arrived”, he tells Clarins after its premiere.

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera.  Photo Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera. Photo Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

“It was a day that flew by, I had to ride fast, so it felt like a drag race challenge,” he says. Del Rio is known by many as the drag queen who won the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag RaceThe reality show which is in its fourteenth edition and which airs here on Netflix.

acid humor

IOriginally from New Orleans, USA, Roy HylockK is responsible for bringing to life the charismatic character. She began her artistic career as a costume designer and has since established herself as a reality star eight years ago—thanks to an intelligent, sharp and politically incorrect humour.

This is your first time in Argentina. What were your hopes?

– Not much, because it was my debut. I was excited by the idea that someone could understand me.

– What can you tell about the show, unclean,

– We talk about everything. we talk about RuPaul’s Drag RaceOf things happening in the world, of covid.

Bianca Del Rio.  Photo Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio. Photo Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

“I saw bigotry in Argentina”

You filled two operas and added a third. Did this level of response in Argentina surprise you?

I’m always surprised to think that someone likes me. I am very lucky that so many people take interest in my work. Here in Argentina I saw a bit more fanaticism and enthusiasm because I had never been here. He’s done a lot with me in America, he’s seen me a lot, so it’s nice to be in a place where people are so welcoming, friendly and nice.

– How much does this have to do with the reality being seen here on the global platform Netflix?

I think most people know me from there. This is where it all started for me eight years ago. And of course through social networks as well. Today it happens, in large part, through social networks.

will smith scandal

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera.  Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera. Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

With his clown alter ego, he acted in films Hurricane Bianca You Hurricane Bianca 2: With Hate Russia, both are available on netflix, and several one-person comedy shows: it’s just joke, rolodex of hate You not today biancaSome of them turned into TV specials.

All your routines are so scandalous, you laugh at everything. Is there a topic that you don’t think is fit for humor?

-No. Any. I’m in charge of the show, so this is obviously going to be scandalous, I’m a wig guy. It’s quite terrifying. We try to find humor in everything, and this is the most important thing, especially in recent years, we need to laugh at everything.

– What happened to you when you saw the Chris Rock-Will Smith scandal?

-I’m not interested. Who cares what millionaires do? They both go to hell, they slap two millionaires. I’m bald too, what does it matter to me?

Don’t you see this as proof that it’s more difficult to do comedy these days?

-the point is. This is comedy. And if you have a problem with it, don’t look at it, don’t eat it, don’t see it, don’t go. And if you want to be the sad son of a bitch, live life your way. Don’t take everything so seriously.

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera.  Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera. Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

I can’t say anything about Chris Rock and Will Smith.

-And if someone gets offended by your jokes about being fat or skinny?

– Depends on the context. As far as Chris Rock and Will Smith are concerned, I don’t do anything crap. It’s an awards show for millionaires who get honored for acting in a movie, how ridiculous is that? I’m not interested, and they don’t care about me either, so I don’t give a damn.

Drag World’s Zone Rivers

Hailed as “the Joan Rivers of the drag world” by the New York Times, Hallock has sold out to cinemas around the world, from the Big Apple’s iconic Carnegie Hall to London’s Wembley Arena, headlining a show there. The first is drag.

“To be called Joan Rivers is a huge compliment. I knew her and I think she was brilliant, very funny, very smart and very hardworking.

– You did TV, movies and you acted in theaters. Where do you feel most comfortable?

-I like live audiences. It’s more fun and I enjoy it more because they are people. You are in front of the camera when you film. It’s like taking a picture, it’s not fun. It’s funny when you talk to people, when you see how they react, when you joke and you have an answer.

Bianca Del Rio.  Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio. Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio, a product in itself

Hallock has been making the most of the public interest in its second self for some time now. She already has her own makeup remover, “The Bianca Remover”—one of the best-selling beauty products on Amazon today; and a brand of vodka, “Holy Vodka Bianca Del Rio”.

Its weekly podcast is also available on Spotify and all major platforms; And in 2018 wrote the best seller “Blame it on Bianca Del Rio” book published by HarperCollins.

“I have been working as a drag queen for 26 years. But Drag Race brought me global recognition. It’s not something that I had planned. I didn’t even plan on being drag, so I’m so grateful to be able to work, travel, do shows, have an audience. I can’t complain,” says Roy.

-What happens to you when you see the drag scene become more mainstream?

-I’m not interested. i don’t give a fuck what they’re up to or season 14 drag Racing, I am very busy working.

-Do you think you’re helping to broaden the scene?

-It’s very special. Why does everything become so special? Comedy is comedy, be it a drag queen, male, female or gay. This is comedy. Why is everything ‘the first drag queen to put on eyelashes’ or ‘the first queer to do such a thing’? Does not matter. It’s comedy, and you either enjoy it or you don’t. I am not one of those people who think that everything should be classified. This is entertainment.

-Labels are hard to avoid.

It’s just that I don’t think it’s necessary when it comes to comedy. What is this comedy? The reason I chose to stand up doesn’t mean I’m better or worse than a drag queen or anyone else. Everyone else is doing something. I chose it, I’m not in the music industry.

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera.  Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

Bianca Del Rio in her debut at the Teatro Opera. Photo: Courtesy Niceto / Lucas Lara

The one he laughs at and his favorite comedian

-What makes you laugh?

-Everything. You have to find the humor in everything, because it’s a very depressing world. I laugh at everything. I laugh if someone falls in the street. I laugh when I look at myself in the mirror.

– Which comedians do you like?

Comedians are hard to watch because they can affect what you do. But there are some people whom I love. I think Chris Rock is brilliantly funny. I like Wanda Sykes, there are many that I like and know and I respect for her work.

-And your great references or influences?

-Well, apparently Joan Rivers and Don Rickles. There are many who are dear to me. Unfortunately, most of them are no longer with us.


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