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Friday, December 9, 2022

Dra Polo confirms suspicions about her relationship with Chayanne

  • There were rumors about the alleged connection of both
  • There is a strange relationship amongst the law firm and the singer
  • Ana María Polo breaks the silence

The Cuban-American lawyer and tv presenter regarded for making and internet hosting the television method “Circumstance Shut” has several ties with enjoyment figures. The Bachelor of Political Sciences shared the second in which she ‘met’ Chayanne himself.

Nevertheless, the reality is that they have experienced the opportunity to share a lot more than one particular party alongside one another. And mainly because of that, being the two of them existing in these times, led them equally to have a sympathy for the other. The Physician also has pictures with Camilo, Maluma, between many others.

What about the Doctor and Chayanne?

What about the Doctor and Chayanne?

Dr. Polo and Chayanne share a bond that pretty couple know about, but that has been maintained by the several years. Very well, the 54-year-old singer and the 63-calendar year-old presenter have shared distinct galas and events, and they have not missed the possibility to acquire images and have a superior time.

In this way, the popular have come to know each and every other really properly and variety an unbreakable friendship, sustained by admiration and mutual respect. In accordance to The Herald of Mexico, the two achieved at the gain show “Somos Una Voz”, wherever the Puerto Rican singer done. Submitted FROM: Dr. Polo Chayanne

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