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Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals conquered Rosalía; this was the reaction of the ‘motomami’ in CDMX

Dr. Simi's stuffed animals conquered Rosalía (Photo: Twitter Capture)
Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals conquered Rosalía (Photo: Twitter Capture)

There is no deadline or warning that is not met; Rosalia arrived in Mexico City as part of his international tour Motomami World Tour, having a first presentation on the night of Sunday, August 14 at the Coloso de Reforma. However, the fans kept the promise and they sent him more than one stuffed animal of Dr. Simiso the Spanish had a funny reaction.

For the first time, the world-renowned artist offered a concert in the Mexican capital, and she did it in style, with a National Auditorium crowded and showing his vocal quality, since despite the constant movements, his voice did not fail at any time. Even with the great euphoria that his music caused, it would be the most recent viral Mexican emblem with singers born outside of Mexico, the reason why his name is a trend in social networks.

“Here put it ‘mommy Mexico’, because Mexico is very motomami”, expressed the Spaniard after receiving a first stuffed animal from Dr. Simi, an amount that increased since more than one fan was prepared, generating a shower of fun recreations of the botarga that has increased its popularity due to the same type of actions with other renowned artists.

Wow, that’s three”, he added to later pose with the funny stuffed animals and make the attendees resound the National Auditorium with their unstoppable screams that can now be appreciated on social networks thanks to the fact that the topic has quickly gone viral and more because after the action of the people from the capital and the warm welcome from Rosalía, people from her next stops – to GuadalajaraJalisco, on the 17th at the Telmex Auditorium and on August 19, it will be at the Citibanamex Auditorium in MontereyNuevo León- has already threatened to do the same.

“Wow, our Dr. Simi stuffed animals like it. motomami, so let’s triple the amount for Guadalajara or Monterrey.” “If in CDMX there were 3, for Jalisco there are 6 and for Nuevo León there are 9, we challenge them.” “Mexico is very motomami and it will be even more so after we demonstrate the power we have to make the visit of an international artist an experience that they will never forget and it has already been demonstrated with other celebrities”, they wrote on social networks.

This was the reaction of the 'motomami' in CDMX (Photo: Twitter Capture)
This was the reaction of the ‘motomami’ in CDMX (Photo: Twitter Capture)

“I want you to know that I am very excited to play here in Mexico City. (…) It is very hard for me to play here for the first time and see this place full of 10 thousand people who you have stolen my heart‘”, Rosalía told the public, who received these words with shouts and applause, so it is expected that her visit to the other main cities of the country will continue to cause a furor since, since they are not continuous presentations, the Spanish could visit and tour some of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Why do Mexicans throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals onto the celebrity stage?

Dr. Simi’s botargas are no longer the only viral symbol of the Similar pharmaciesbecause the Mexicans have taken it upon themselves to make their stuffed figure a reminder for the great artists who visit Aztec lands, since the new trend consists of throwing them on stage during concerts.

The recent viral moment when one of these stuffed animals hit Lay Gaga’s face during a concert in Canada has made more than one wonder -especially people who do not live in Mexico- the reason behind the virathe trend:

Dr. Simi's teddy has been the protagonist of great moments (Photos: Twitter)
Dr. Simi’s teddy has been the protagonist of great moments (Photos: Twitter)

The concussion can be simple after seeing the cases and testimonials of fans who have performed such a feat: The trend is generated because Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal has established itself as a very peculiar symbol of Mexico, being something distinctive and comical that foreign artists can hardly understandso their reactions of astonishment are the greatest satisfaction for Mexicans.


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