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Dr. Simi stuffed animal thrown into La Maldita Vecindad; This is how Roco, the vocalist, reacted

The furor generated by the Dr. Simi plush toys it doesn’t stop at concerts, it’s enough to remember that this week Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of Café Tacvba, generated controversy for breaking one of these dolls during one of his concerts.

Now another renowned singer, Roco Pachukoteof the damn neighborhood, received a personalized Dr. Simi and her reaction went viral on TikTok.

Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of Café Tacvba, destroys Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal in full concert

Internet user Doctora Comadreja (@DoctoraComadreja) showed the entire process on the short video social network from when personalized the stuffed animal until he threw it at the musician and he reacted on stage.

First, the young woman uploaded a recording of everything she modified in the stuffed animal: “I bought a Dr. Simi to give to La Maldita Vecindad at their concert in León, Guanajuato. I personalized him like a pachuco: I made him a little hat with a feather, a little flower, a tuned tie, a belt, suspenders and a chain, and let’s not forget the pachuco shoes”.

Then the tiktoker shared the moment she threw the Simi on stage and Roco picked it up from the floor. “I had never seen a very pachucote Dr. Simi, with his chain and all the vibes”, The singer boasted to the public, and then placed the doll in front of a speaker. “He’s going to stay seated throughout the concert,” he added.


Response to @Paul Rodríguez Veláz if @rocopachukote liked the @drsimi_oficial #drsimichallenge #drsimi #elsimiquenobody #thesimiqueeveryonewant #for you #cvdl @Leon Veterinary Congress

♬ original sound – Doctor Weasel

It stands out that the singer did not abandon the stuffed animal on stage, because at the end of the concert he grabbed it and later took several photos with it. In addition, he uploaded one of these images to his Facebook account and thanked the young woman who personalized it.

“Dr. veterinarian Simi and his puppy at the León Veterinary Congress. Thank you Doctor Comadreja for the creativity and joy. pure peace and dance”, wrote the vocalist of La Maldita Vecindad.


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