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Monday, September 26, 2022

Dr. Simi doll hits Lady Gaga in the face in full concert

Lady Gaga is on tour in his Chromatica Ball Tourwhere he returned to the stage after having postponed the tour due to illness and the rise of Covid-19 cases.

So far, he has performed in most of North America singing his best hits such as: Alice, replay and Monster, 911, Sour Candy, Telephone, Love Game, Poker Face, among others. Yesterday, the singer was in Toronto Canada, as part of her tour, when at the time of interpreting your theme Hold My Handreceived the impact of a Dr. Simi stuffed animal in his face.

The singer completely ignored the moment and continued with her presentation although the concertgoers were able to capture the moment and realized that it was a Dr. Simi, which continues the trend of throwing these stuffed animals at different artists in their concerts, this time taking Dr. Simi to Canada.

The memes did not wait

Many users on social networks turned the video of the moment Lady Gaga was beaten by Dr. Simi into a trend by sharing their best memes:


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