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Monday, October 3, 2022

Dr Juan Rivera shows what he does without a shirt in the middle of Labor Day

  • The Puerto Rican amazes everyone by how he appeared
  • He leaves his followers advice
  • Why did he show up shirtless?

The beloved Puerto Rican doctor surprised his Instagram followers when he appeared shirtless exercising. Although Dr. Juan Rivera can be seen exercising and showing the routines he does to maintain his good figure, it was really surprising that he appeared with his abdomen uncovered.

The video he shared where it is shown in this way quickly began to be well received and the comments of his followers, both men and women, could not be missed. She left him a message where they thanked him for the advice she had left when uploading those images.

It is revealed in the open!

It is revealed in the open!

Just a few hours ago, Doctor Juan Rivera shared a video through his Instagram account where he appears in black shorts while exercising. What was really amazing was that he was seen without any shirt and with his abdomen completely exposed.

The health professional likes to share some healthy tips with the people who are his followers, and has already accumulated more than 1 million followers, who always give thanks for the good advice he gives and now they have been surprised to see the Puerto Rican that way.

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