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‘Doubling Down with the Dericos’: Darien is ready to drive (exclusive)

Darien Derrico is ready to drive. In a Glimpse of Tuesday doubling up with dericosThe 16-year-old asks her father if she can get a learner’s permit.

“Your learner’s permit? No, you can never drive,” Dion replies. “You’re going to ride a bicycle for the rest of your life.”

The teenager tries to enlist all the ways her father can help the family with a learner’s permit, including going to the store and putting gas in the car.

“I’m almost 16 and I think I’ll have to learn to drive at some point. Now is the time,” she tells the cameras. “But Puppy still sees me as his little girl and I feel like he’s not ready to see me driving or dating.”

Darian asks his father if he doesn’t want him to drive or have a boyfriend and, realizing that his daughter has put him in a trap, Dion tells her that he’d rather have a boyfriend. Will not done. “So I guess you win this argument,” he tells his daughter.

When she asks her father why he can’t have her permit “and companionship at the same time”, Dion tells him it’s “too much” to handle.

“But I yearn for companionship,” jokes Darian.

“You don’t need to yearn for a partner, you yearn to be close to the sinner. Your yearning will go away,” replied his father.

Eventually, Dion accepts that Darien should be allowed to go for her learner’s permit, admitting that he was driving at her age. But with one condition!

“Here’s the deal, we’re going to have to go to church first and see if we can get some holy water. And we’re going to douse our bodies with holy water and the vehicle and we’re going to ask Jesus Christ and all of Nazareth To come downstairs and be in the car with us when you’re driving. Especially when you’re driving with me,” he tells her.

While Karen and Dion are already parents to 14 children, the couple told ET that they haven’t ruled out the possibility of expanding their family.

For singles, Karen gave birth naturally to all of her 14 children, including two single births (Darian, 16, and Derek, 10), twins (Dallas and Denver, 9), quintuplets (Dioni, Dician, Dayten, Denico and). Dariz, 7), twins (Diaz and Dyer, 4) and triplets (Dawsin, D’Arene and Diver, 2).

“No, that diaper bag isn’t going to be hanging around,” Karen said.

“I don’t feel complete. I don’t think we’re 100 percent complete.” Devan echoed those sentiments, saying, “[I] Think when you’ve built – which I think we’ve built – into this house, the amount of love, love, I just can never get tired of.”

season 3 doubling up with dericos Airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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