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Double of Chapo’s wife shows off a great body in a sensual two-piece swimsuit

  • Emma Coronel’s double boasts a great body.
  • Vanessa Gurrola raises the temperature with a sensual bikini.
  • The compliments for the model are present.

The double Emma Coronel. After becoming world famous as the double of Chapo’s wife, Vanessa Gurrola has taken advantage of every moment to show that she is as sexy as the real wife of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, Emma Coronel. In social networks, she always shows off her slender figure in sensual swimsuits and daring necklines.

The spectacular model Vanessa Gurrola, widely known for her resemblance to Emma, ​​the wife of the alleged leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, did her thing again on social networks and it is that on these platforms they begin to go viral from one moment to another what the figures public share.

The double of Emma Coronel reappears in networks

The double Emma Colonel

This would not be the first time that Emma Coronel’s double shared photos showing off the tremendous body she has, stealing the sigh of more than one of those who follow her different social networks. But on this occasion a great doubt was generated before Internet users and it is if she is posing with a bikini or her underwear.

It was through your account Instagram that the double of ‘Chapo”s wife uploaded a couple of small reels where she shows off her perfect figure in a sensual swimsuit, but at the same time it looks as if it were her own underwear, what is certain is that stole the sigh of more than one. Filed Under: The double Emma Coronel.

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