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don’t speak loud but they listen to you

don't speak loud but they listen to you

after great taste what we had before a place in silence, a thriller that was paired with a horror film, and contained only a few lines of dialogue, what to expect from a continuation?

Was it needed?

Fans wanted to see what was left of the Abbott family, who were attacked by sinister monsters attacking little voices, and the producers, raising more money (original cost $17 million and $350 million worldwide). earnings).

Cillian Murphy (&Quot;Peaky Blinds&Quot; On Netflix) Joins Emily Blunt In The Sequel.  Photo Uip

Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinds” on Netflix) joins Emily Blunt in the sequel. Photo UIP

Since Regan, the eldest daughter, is hard of hearing, the Abbots resolved in advance to communicate without any sound, and using sign language. They were doing it quite well. Evelyn’s cochlear implant, for example, also works by amplifying the sound frequencies of animals to drive them away.

Better not to lose it.

The Farm Is No Longer A Safe Place, And You Have To Seek Another Refuge.  Photo Uip

The farm is no longer a safe place, and you have to take another refuge. Photo UIP

Daddy Lee (Krosinsky, husband in real life) Emily Blunt, and the director of the first and this second part) and the end of the first part had left us in suspense.

Suspense abounds in the 2018 premiere, and so does it. Of course, the effect is not the same, because what seemed original, when turning to the same issue, does not tire, but the result is not the same either.

Blunt (&Quot;The Return Of Mary Poppins&Quot;) With Noah Jupp (&Quot;The Undoing&Quot;, &Quot;Not One Wrong Step&Quot;).  Photo Uip

Blunt (“The Return of Mary Poppins”) with Noah Jupp (“The Undoing”, “Not One Wrong Step”). Photo UIP

they start from the same place

Both movies start in roughly the same place, but in two different timelines (for those who saw the first, note what’s on the shelf when the father walks through the market…).

These aliens that Abbott, Costellos and all the families in and out of town are fleeing have very loud ears, so there is no sound or noise, because having no eyes, they are driven by what they hear to catch their prey. and to kill. They are predators without eyes, because they come from a planet where there would be no light. And they come from meteorites, fleeing their planet when they are destroyed.

Millicent Simmonds, Who Is Deaf, Starred In Todd Haynes

Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf, starred in Todd Haynes’s “Wonderstruck”. Photo UIP

The First Attack—which is earlier than what we saw when the first movie began, meaning that Part II begins as a prequel to Part I, and then becomes a sequel—begins when Abbotts is watching. It is reported that Marcus, the youngest son, is batting at a baseball game.

What happens, almost, is revealed by the attack of Shark from Spielberg At Amityville Beach on the 4th of July vacation. Everyone has to run.

The Children Of The Family Play A Major Role In This Sequel.  Photo Uip

The children of the family play a major role in this sequel. Photo UIP

It cannot be said that Upadhyaya has not lived in a bubble (sanitary or not), but the time has come to go out and find another shelter.

Now, in what will be the present day, Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and the newborn baby, set out to find a new place in the world. And that’s where they’ll cross paths with Emmett (Irish) Cillian Murphy, Thomas Shelby Inn Peaky Blindrs), who is more cautious than them, because people are going crazy.

Imprisonment Is Also One Of The Themes That John Krasinski'S Film Addresses.  Photo Uip

Imprisonment is also one of the themes that John Krasinski’s film addresses. Photo UIP

Nobody trusts anyone.

And there will be additional samples.

Is Emmett (Irish Cillian Murphy) Hiding Something?  Photo Uip

Is Emmett (Irish Cillian Murphy) hiding something? Photo UIP

What was said, in a low voice or in a whisper: A Place in Silence Part II It doesn’t get as exciting as the first, but there are a few surprises in store to be afraid and wait to see the third (and last in the saga) and before that, the spin-off that will premiere in two years.

“A Place in Silence Part II”


Thriller / Horror. USA, 2021. original title: A Quiet Place Part II. 97′, Sam 13 r. from: John Krasinski. Together: Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Cillian Murphy. On: Hoyts Ebasto, Cinemark Caballito, Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano.

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