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Don’t leave a puppet without a head! Nacho Casano attacks Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerboni

  • Nacho Casano lashes out at Ivonne Montero.
  • Salvador Zerboni goes with everything after declaring that he slept with a producer.
  • He assures that his lack of respect was a spoon of his own medicine for Montero and Zerboni.

Nacho Casano attacks Ivonne. Despite the fact that La Casa de los Famosos came to an end, each of its participants have not stopped creating great controversy, because in various interviews with different media, each of those who made up the Telemundo reality show, have left against his former teammates.

Now it was Nacho Casano who spoke out before the various accusations made against him, as well as several of his companions, only this time the model of Argentine origin lashed out at Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerboni for various comments they made .

Nacho Casano comes out to defend his name after accusations

Nacho Casano attacks Ivonne

All this was through an interview that he offered for the program “First Hand”, where several of those who made up La Casa de los Famosos 2 have expressed their discomfort and exposed more than one of their companions in the reality show. from Telemundo.

At that time, the model of Argentine origin showed his angry face after Gustavo Adolfo Infante recognized that he did not know the artistic career that Nacho Casano had as an actor, in the interview the actor also showed his answers in a clear way towards the drivers. Filed Under: Nacho Casano attacks Ivonne.

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