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Donald Trump Jr. set on fire for insulting LeBron James after star ejected rude fans

Donald Trump Jr., LeBron James

Donald Trump Jr. called LeBron James a “slut” and “LaKaren” after the basketball player kicked two people out of a recent NBA game when they allegedly yelled badly about his children.

Donald Trump Jr., 43, arouses a strong reaction from James lebron fans after his latest bold post about the NBA star. The son of Donald trump took to his Instagram on November 27 to share a video of LeBron, 36, asking security to remove two people sitting in front of the basketball court during a recent the Los Angeles Lakers game after allegedly insulting his children. Her caption for the post called her a “bitch” and other slurs.

“Is there a bigger bitch in professional sport than LaSnitch?” Donald Jr. asked next to the music video. “LaKaren wants to talk to the manager, ”he continued in another comment before adding,“ LaFlop James. “

Once the post went public, LeBron fans quickly took to Instagram and Twitter to call Donald Jr. Some even brought up his own and his father’s past events in an attempt to prove their points. “Someone should tell Don Jr. that not being able to concede after losing an election by over 7 million votes means you’re the biggest bitch in politics,” one Twitter user wrote, referring to Donald Sr. fighting against the 2020 presidential election results. “LeBron James accomplished more by the time he graduated from high school than Don Jr. in his entire life,” wrote another.

“I wonder if Don Jr wants to call LeBron ab * tch to the face,” shared a third Twitter user while a fourth wrote, “@DonaldJTrumpJr is worried and jealous of @King James b / c he worked hard and built his own brand and his own wealth.

While what was said by the two people who were kicked out of the NBA game has not been confirmed, some social media users claim it was negative and involved LeBron’s children, including the sons. Bronny, 17 and Bryce, 14 years old, as well as her daughter Zhuri, 7, which he all shares with his wife Savannah, 35.

Donald Trump Jr., Lebron James
Donald Trump Jr. recently insulted LeBron James on Instagram. (Chris Manning / Rob Latour / Shutterstock)

A week before Donald Jr. insulted LeBron on Instagram, the athlete made headlines for being suspended for a game due to a physical altercation with Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart, who was suspended for two games. The two-man problem on the court started on a free throw, when LeBron swung his arm and slapped Isaiah in the face while waiting for a rebound. The punch caused blood to flow and resulted in Isaiah walking and running towards LeBron in an attempt to retaliate. They started yelling at each other and were restrained by the coaches until they were both kicked out.

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