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Dolores del Río and her close relationship with Francisco I. Madero

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Before becoming one of the leading figures of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Dolores del Rio He began his career in the United States doing Silent movies. With the arrival of sound films, she landed more important roles and established herself as the first Latin American actress to be recognized in Hollywood.

The diva of the seventh art was part of a family of talented artists, politicians and activists. In addition to being cousin of filmmaker Julio Bracho and other great figures of cinema, shared a blood link with Francisco I Maderowho served as president of Mexico between 1911 and 1913.

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His real name was Maria de los Dolores Asunsolo and Lopez Negrete, but adopted the surname Del Río at age 17 when he married Jaime Martinez del Riowho was 18 years older than her.

What was the relationship of Dolores del Río and Francisco I. Madero?

The actress was born on August 3, 1904 in the city of Durango. Her parents were Jesús Leonardo Asúnsolo Jacques, son of wealthy farmers, and Antonia López Negrete, who belonged to one of the richest families in the country and whose lineage went back to the viceregal nobility, hence both have been part of the Mexican aristocracy.

Dolores del Río’s mother was a cousin of Francisco I Madero, so the politician was his uncle. The actress met the former president during her childhood shortly after the Mexican Revolution began and her family was forced to leave her house in Durango to safeguard her lives.

The impact of Francisco I. Madero on the life of Dolores del Río

So one morning in 1910, Antonia Lopez Negrete he woke up his daughter Dolores, who was about six years old, and modestly tidied her up. Minutes later, the actress and her mother left on a train for Mexico City; However, the father of the famous could not leave with them and had to flee to the United States.

Once in the Mexican capital, Dolores and her mother met Francisco I. Madero, who supported them and helped settle in a house in the Juárez neighborhood, near where he lived. It was not until 1912 that the actress and her mother got back together.


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