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Does ‘The Academy’ manipulate votes? Viewers denounce bots and production intervention

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The singing reality show ‘The academy’ has generated great controversy during the last few weeks due to multiple incidents and errors on the part of the production.

lack of budget, austere scenery, students with little talent and no discipline absent and inexperienced directorshortage of teachers, worms in the food, collective diarrhea and a bad driver, are just some of the mistakes that viewers have denounced through social networks. A new controversy is added to the list, the possible manipulation of votes to define the winner.

‘The Academy’ controls the votes of the public

A video began to circulate through social networks in which they are observed four cell phones simultaneously within the TV Azteca live application.

That is the platform through which fans can vote for their favorite student to become the winner. The strange thing here is that the four cell phones are casting votes for Nelsonoriginally from Guatemala, without apparent human intervention.

This generated great criticism among the audience and users, who denounced the use of bots to gain advantage. before this ‘The academy’ responded through his twitter account and assured that the voting system has security modules that automatically block all those votes coming from an ‘unnatural human activity’.

However, this caused even more criticism now towards the production, since they through their decisions were the ones who violated the systemeliminating the limitation of 10 votes per user with the purpose of being able to ‘show off’ millionaire amounts of records and thus disguise the low number in rating.

Furthermore, by not specifying the security controls and taking as a basis the ‘no human activity’ the veracity of the vote has begun to be questionedsince in this scenario the criterion is broad and they could override wholesale votes, making it easier to pick the winner from production.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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