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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Does Pablo Lyle no longer matter to you? His ex-wife takes off her clothes on the beach and appears very sensual (PHOTOS)

Pablo Lyle’s ex looks very lively

Bikini in Mazatlan

“The more clouds the sky has, the more colorful your sunset will be. I keep collecting sunsets”, is the description that Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s ex, put in her three photographs where you can see her with a great body in a sexy white bikini, which she complemented with a sky blue denim shirt, in addition to revealing the beautiful sunset behind him.

The comments for the Mexican did not wait: “How beautiful”, “If you calm down?!”, “Guapérrima”, “How beautiful you look”, “You are a great inspiration, never give up”, “Beautiful sunset !!” , “I love you very much”, “All perfect”, appeared on the part of her followers encouraging her to continue.

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