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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Does Pablo Lyle no longer matter to you? His ex-wife takes off her clothes on the beach and appears very sensual (PHOTOS)

Go on with your life and pose in a bikini

Ana Araujo, wife Pablo Lyle

Ana Araujo is a businesswoman and activist and raises her two children due to the complicated condition that Pablo Lyle himself has been provoked for three years by which she continued with her life, as shown on her Instagram account where she shares images and videos of his life and thoughts, but now he decided to ‘go further’.

Since she resides in the port of Mazatlan, this weekend, Pablo Lyle’s ex decided to spend some time with the sea and watch the sunset posing in a bikini and looking more beautiful and happier than ever, apparently detoxifying from the last few months; her body looks spectacular and she knows it.

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