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Does Pablo Lyle no longer matter to you? His ex-wife takes off her clothes on the beach and appears very sensual (PHOTOS)

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  • Ana Araujo is living her life in the most peaceful way possible
  • A divorce between her and actor Pablo Lyle has not been officially confirmed.
  • Now, Pablo Lyle’s ex-partner appears from the very sexy beach

The last year has been stormy for Pablo Lyle, whose final resolution of the trial that he awaits so much and that keeps him under house arrest is getting closer, but it has not been easy for the soap opera heartthrob to be in that process, because for months he has been separated from his wife Ana Araujo and it seems that she continues with her life as normal as possible.

From the beach, Ana Araujo, who lives in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, state of Mexico, showed off her body and the vitality she has to move forward despite the painful process she had to go through thanks to Pablo Lyle since he was arrested in Florida in 2019 after hitting a 63-year-old Cuban on a cruise ship and causing his death.

Pablo Lyle’s ex continues with her life

Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle's ex

When the (unconfirmed) rumor spread that since last December they have been separated because supposedly in an act of outrage and desperation Pablo Lyle told Ana Araujo that she could no longer be forced to go through the legal process due to her irresponsibility, she was very hurt and walked away from the actor.

However, she began dating ex-soccer player Marc Crosas with whom she met at a concert and in several restaurants, so media such as ‘Gossip no Like’ assured that she sent the divorce papers to Pablo Lyle, who regretfully asked for another opportunity, but supposedly the Mexican woman did not allow it.

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