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Does Madonna have a girlfriend? They come out to tell the truth: “I like her and she likes me” (VIDEO)

  • Are they girlfriends? Tokischa tells the truth about his ‘relationship’ with Madonna
  • Madonna and Tokischa kiss at Fashion Week
  • The queen of pop, a woman accustomed to scandals

Madonna has a girlfriend: The Queen of Pop has been in controversy for a few days, where she was seen accompanied by the singer Tokischa, but not only were they seen together, but they surprised all their followers by starring in a tremendous scandal and kissing.

Madonna starred in this tremendous scandal at New York Fashion Week, speculation about a possible relationship began to sound everywhere, for which the Dominican singer Tokischa comes out to tell the truth about the alleged relationship she has with the queen of pop.

Tokischa comes out to tell the truth about his relationship Madonna

Madonna has a girlfriend

The interpreter of ‘Linda’, had an exclusive with Despierta América, where she was questioned about the attitudes that Madonna and she had during the New York Fashion Week, where both were saw kissing and having a pretty good time.

They questioned her if they had a relationship, so she answered the following: “Yes, eh ‘friends who kiss are the best company’, she began by saying and reciting a part of her song ‘Linda’ which she performs with the Spanish singer ‘ Rosalia’”. Filed Under: Madonna has a girlfriend

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