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Does Juan Rivera recognize that he envies his brother Lupillo Rivera?

  • Juan Rivera makes a controversial live broadcast
  • The music producer and youtuber, do you recognize that you are envious of your brother Lupillo Rivera?
  • Also, he revealed the reason why he stopped working with his niece Chiquis

“It is sad that speaking ill of the family you make money“. Once again, the music producer and youtuber Juan Rivera causes controversy in a live broadcast in which he was asked if he has actually been envious of his brother, Lupillo Rivera, all this time, in addition to revealing the reason why he left to work with his niece Chiquis.

In a live talk he had with the journalist Mich Rubalcava, video available on his official channel of Youtubethe brother of La Diva de la Banda, was also questioned if it is true that Lupillo was the one who envied him, but Jenni Rivera, who died in a tragic plane crash on December 9, 2012 after giving a concert in Monterrey, New Lion.

“Am I envious of Lupillo?”, Juan Rivera responds

"I envy Lupillo", Juan Rivera replies

Without waiting long, the journalist Mich Rubalcava, who is remembered for being one of the hosts of the program First hand, from Image Entertainment, asked Juan Rivera if he was envious of his brother Lupillo, taking into account that El Toro del Corrido ‘hit’ in the world of music before him, to which he responded as follows:

“You have friends, I imagine, in different walks of life… If you have never wanted to be a lawyer, why envy him? I don’t feel the need to envy anyone, I live the life that I wanted to live. My biggest dream is not to be famous, my biggest dream is not to have money, my biggest dream is to die next to my wife, see my children succeed and be happy in whatever they want to do.

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