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Does Jomari Goyso have a partner? They reveal their truth (PHOTOS)

  • Does Jomari have a partner? The whole truth comes out
  • We tell you the details about the life of the Spanish presenter
  • The achievements that Jomari has had in his career for Univisión

Jomari Goyso has a partner. The beloved television presenter Jomari Goyso is perhaps one of the most recognized and beloved faces of the Hispanic public. At 40 years old, he has achieved great recognition and the title of one of the most recognized faces on television.

Their respective points of view have generated quite a bit of controversy, but they have come to be right countless times. The relationships he has with the hosts of Despierta América are also very good, so much so that Francisca has referred to him in a very good way.

Jomari Goyso has a partner: A little about her life

Jomari Goyso has a partner

Jomari is an openly homosexual presenter, who shares quite interesting points of view and has also addressed topics of considerable interest to the community. The 40-year-old host has managed to host countless Hispanic television shows.

The Spaniard is the host of programs such as ‘Sal y Pimienta’, ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, Despierta América’ and ‘Primer Impacto’ to name a few. Jomari is also an image consultant and stylist, which is why his look has always been quite striking, he has great taste in choosing colors and clothes. Filed Under: Jomari Goyso has a partner

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