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Does Fernando Colunga have children?

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Much has been said about Fernando Colunga’s orientation after never meeting a stable partner with whom he can formalize and have a family, but it seems that these rumors may end after the actor revealed the reasons why he has not tried this.

And it is that just a couple of months ago it was announced that the acclaimed actor would be about to return to the small screen with a new soap opera next to Ana Brenda Contreras, or that is known from a photograph that was filtered where both actors appear in a recording set.

Fernando doesn’t have a girlfriend?

Fernando doesn't have a girlfriend?

The actor has only known three women who have marked his life, which with Thalía, Blanca Soto and also the beautiful actress Aracely Arámbula, however, with none of these three did he reach the altar but they undoubtedly marked his life. He even said it himself.

With the singer and actress Thalía, love occurred in the telenovela “María la del Barrio”, after their chemistry was indisputable, they wanted to transfer the relationship to reality, however, everything ended a few months later. FILED FROM: Fernando Colunga has children

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