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Does Anuel AA cheat on Yailín ‘The most viral’? Images that would prove an alleged infidelity

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  • They filter mysterious photos that would show an alleged infidelity on the part of Anuel
  • Internet users assure that the woman is not Yailín ‘The Most Viral’
  • What will happen to their marriage?

Anuel cheats on Yailín. There is no doubt that the romance between the singer and influencer Yailín and the rapper and reggaeton singer Anuel AA has been a source of criticism by thousands of people in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. When a relationship between the two was confirmed, Anuel could not avoid the criticism of millions of people.

The reggaeton player had a years-long relationship with Karol G, and when they finished, Anuel did not take long to run into the arms of Yailín, with whom he is already officially married. Now, some mysterious images of Anuel quite compromising emerged, demonstrating an alleged infidelity on his part.

Anuel cheats on Yailín: Anuel publishes ‘by mistake’ compromising photos

Anuel cheats on Yailín

Anuel AA uploaded some photos on his Instagram account that he deleted a few seconds after he published them, it is not yet known if it was a mistake, or if he regretted that decision. The truth is that the images of her were seen by thousands of people, and they seem to be quite compromising. The photos became more viral when shared by the portal The graphic.

In them we can see how the interpreter of ‘Adicto’ is taking photos of a mysterious woman who does not seem to be Yailín, doing a sexual act in a pool. Although the images are not entirely clear, many were immediately aware of what was happening. Filed Under: Anuel cheats on Yailín

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