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Documentary reveals sexual abuse by a group Menudo: "Naked and bleeding, I knew they had entered me"

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Drugs, violence and multiple sexual abuse. Well-known Latin American pop music group of the 1980s, Menudo – whose greatest exponent was the effervescent figure Ricky Martin – hid in the depths of their guts a deep trace of undignified humiliation for some young people who couldn’t escape the ravages of stardom. It was one of the most important Latin groups of all time, but the dream its members seemed to be living was more of a nightmare.

In a new HBO Max documentary, Angelo Garcia, who joined Menudo shortly after his 11th birthday, said he was raped during the 1988-1990 period when he was part of the quintet.

He describes in the film Menudo: Forever Young that the sexual assault took place in his hotel room after an unknown man gave him alcohol. It may interest you: Ray Reyes, a former member of Menudo, died at the age of 51. “All I remember is passing out,” Garcia said in the documentary. “When I woke up I was naked and bleeding, so I knew I had been penetrated. I had such burn marks from the carpet on my face…I was very confused and didn’t understand.” A multiple nightmare in Menudo Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t the only time he was abused during his stay with the group.

“During my time at Menudo, I was raped several times and predators took advantage of me,” he revealed in the documentary. Other members of the group also said they suffered sexual abuse, intimidation, drug scandals and oppressive working conditions. One such neglect and exploitation, they said, took place while working for boy band mastermind Edgardo Diaz, who is described as “their manager, producer and surrogate father.” Díaz did not respond to interview requests or comment on the allegations, as reported in the documentary, as he has consistently denied abuse and wrongdoing. “We were pawns in his business,” said Ray Acevedo, who was with Menudo from 1985-1988.

This might interest you: Menudo series, when will it be released? Forever Young tells how Diaz’s idea of ​​Menudo was born in Puerto Rico in 1977. Diaz instituted a “fountain of youth” strategy for the group, replacing members as soon as they turned 16. The children’s parents – many of them poor – would cede much of their parental rights to the manager.

The Character of Ricky Martin Emerges After boiling over in Venezuela and sparking “Spanish Beatlemania” in the United States, Menudo found its most famous member, Ricky Martín, in 1984. “Ricky was like the golden boy from the start,” Acevedo commented. But Martín – who is not interviewed in the documentary – didn’t change the bad luck of the others. “Being with Ricky was brutal because he was older than me,” said Sergio Blass, who was with the group from 1986 to 1990. “So if someone knocked on the door, they had to open it. When the phone rang, he had to answer it. I was like his housewife.”

In fact, there was a lot of bullying and harassment from new people at Menudo. It may interest you: “I’m still in love with you”: Angélica Vale confesses her love to Ricky Martin. Without proper supervision and even safety, the children were also exposed to drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. “We were in Colombia once,” Blass recalls in the documentary. “I had arrived at the hotel with Rubén Gómez. We entered our room. All of a sudden this random guy walked in… And he pulled out what must have been a kilo of cocaine… So we freaked out because we didn’t know that person… But the guy was actually one of the producers and promoters.” .

Blass and Gomez were kicked out of Menudo after being arrested for marijuana possession in 1990. But new members kept coming through the revolving door.

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