“Doctor Q”, the Mexican neurosurgeon who inspired the film Brad Pitt

MIAMI- Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, Mexican neurosurgeons are better known as “Doctor Q.” noted that Feel invisible This is the one you remember the most about being unspecified in the United States.

Today, the man who jumped the boundary fence in 1987 Inspiration for a film in which Brad Pitt Depicts his life and his efforts treatment For him brain cancer.

“I think I’m starting to use my voice to give a face to those feeling this way,” the president of neurological surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, also said in an interview.

At the age of 53, Quiñones-Hinojosa celebrates What Alternative plan, Pitt’s production company continues to address social and universal topics, as happened with “Twelve Years a Slave”, “Selma” or “Moonlight”.

Mexican neurosurgeon Alfredo Quince-Hinojosa at age four in Mexico (EFE)
Alfredo Quiñones-Hinjosa with two friends while preparing for a barbecue in late 1988
Quiñones-Hinojosa posing in Cambridge, Massachusetts (EFE) outside Harvard University in 1994
Mexican neurosurgeon Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, president of neurological surgery at the Mayo Clinic, while presenting in Jacksonville, Florida (United States) (EFE)
Footage from the Netflix series in which Mexican neurosurgeon Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa appears. The Mexican was part of the first season chapter of “The Surgeon Cut”, a documentary by the BBC and Netflix resumed (EFE)

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What will the film be about?

The film is for cutting clothes: Your job as a farmer and welder To raise your family in Mexico, His AMC Gremlin car, where he slept Around those times, or Their reluctance to shorten the name To please In those Harvard University How to pronounce Quiñones.

although Immigrant from Mexico, The one who was selected for his class’s graduation speech at Harvard, on the contrary, joined his last names Quinones-Hinojosa “Proudly” maintain your roots.

Given the difficulty of pronouncing his colleagues, He ended by calling him “Doctor Q”.

This surname was used in his book “Becoming a DrQ: “My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon (2011)”, which describes his achievements such as graduating from medicine in 1999.

“Becoming Dr. Q” It’s still for Project Title In the next two years of Plan B in collaboration with Annapurna Expected to bring to the giant screen The life of this brain specialist, Founder of the non-profit organization Mission: Brain.

In a special way Neurosurgeon Assured that I did not feel like I had enough qualificationIt is for this new project and account that it took eight years to accept it as it was proposed in 2007.

“I think this is what happens with immigrants and with many people, the hardest obstacle we have is to believe in ourselves, that we have something positive to contribute,” he explains. “Doctor Q”.

There are projects that have been talked about “Doctor Q”.

Mexican life was already inspired Also a BBC and Netflix documentaries, “The Surgeon Cut”, Which gathers the experience of four surgeons in the world and in which he states that he feels like a “samurai” in the operating room.

In the chapter “Holy Brain”, Premiered last December, Quiñones-Hinojosa enumerated his greatest aspirations, Fight brain cancer and brain tumors.

Mexican neurosurgeons show that It seems a great attraction to explore the brain And that it is a “privilege” that patients allow him a relationship that is “physical and spiritual” to him.

The Mexican says, “The mind is the unexplored frontier, there is everything there. You live it, there you feel it, there are feelings, there is love, there is hope, there is fear.”

What do you think about the Brad Pitt production?

What to say Knows little about production, Who has given voice to many actors including Beat yourself up to play “Doctor Q.” And that he hardly knows that the script is in its final stages.

On Pitt, Who Still don’t see in personHe jokes, stating that he is not as athletic as he is meant to be. “You’re going to exercise a lot,” he says humorously.

Neuroscientist, That when he doesn’t work he goes out for a run and listens to Rocky’s music, Thank you Is Pitt’s production company for Try to change latino stereotypes “Like Narcos” in the cinema.

“They are trying to tell the world that there are humble people who have reached the maximum, but their work is due to a great team,” he says.

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