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Doctor Chabelo? They are some famous with university degrees

Television celebrities are often characterized by many things ranging from their great talent even their charisma, which has allowed them to gain followers and get out of some controversies.

A popular belief about celebrities is that their studies are focused solely on acting, or even sometimes it has been said that several of them dropped out of school.

Despite the rumors, many celebrities not only have a higher level of education, but their careers are not related to what we see them do on television, which is why below we tell you some actors who studied a university career.

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Susana Zabaleta

The 57-year-old Mexican is known for her roles in Sex, Shame and Tears Y Fire in the bloodhowever, Susana Zabaleta has also built a career as a singer, product of his studies in operawhich he made in Europe.

The singer has shown her talent and professionalism through plays and some studio albums.

William Levy

The actor has succeeded thanks to his roles in various soap operas, however, many are not aware of the actor’s business, since he owns several businesses, including the restaurant Level 29 located in Miami.

The actor’s business is due to his degree in Management of Companieswith which he has shown that the talent of the 42-year-old Cuban is not limited to acting.

Peter Alone

Known as the popular host of Ventaneando, Pedro Sola once said that as a young man he wanted to be an actor; however, his father opposed this decision, so he ended up studying Economy.

Upon completion of his studies, Pedro Sola dedicated himself to exercising his career as an economist for several yearsHowever, when he was offered to host the television program Ventaneando, he accepted and the rest is history.


Perhaps many of us have wondered the origin of the artistic name of the late Ricardo González Gutiérrez, since it turns out that Brush was a character that originated when the most famous clown on television decided to put on makeup in order not to scare children, well he used to be a dentist.

Brush he wanted to study Performing Arts but because his parents did not support this decision he ended up studying odontologywithout thinking that thanks to that career and his great talent he would end up being one of the most famous characters on Mexican television.


Xavier Lopez chabelo He is still present in the memory of many children and not so children, because seven years after the end of his popular program En Familia con Chabelo, the actor has been present in interviews and some advertising campaigns.

There are many curious facts about the actor, such as that he was not born in Mexico, but in the United States, however, something even more surprising is that Chabelo studied the career of Medicine and even he practiced it for some years in a sanatorium.


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