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Do you remember them? This is how the protagonists of the movie ‘Atlético San Pancho’ look today

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One of the children’s films that left its mark on an entire generation was Atletico San Panchobecause his story around friendship and soccer managed to permeate the hearts of thousands of people, who to date fondly remember the Cap Tafoya (Giovani Florido)protagonist of the film, already the figure Estrada, (Plutarco Haza) the team mentor.

This production, directed by Gustavo Loza (What is the child’s fault?2016), was released more than 20 years ago, in 2001, therefore it is worth knowing what they look like and what else their main actors have done. Coming up next, we tell you.

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Tone Cap Tafoya (Giovani Florido)

The role of the team leader, the one who scored the goal in the final that gave Atlético San Pancho victory over Dinamo, was played by the actor Giovani Florido Anaya, who after this film continued to act: in his career there are series such as The Iron Prosecutor (2018), the pilot (2019) and Soldiers or Zombies (2021).

Daniel Ant (Erich Harrsch)

Erich Harrsch He was the actor who gave life to Daniel, one of Toño’s faithful friends. It highlights that the actor appeared again but now on the small screen as part of the series Valentine’s divanin the character of Benito, and also appeared in the production Fonda Susilla. But after this he decided to move away from acting. In your Twitter account He describes himself as “Aviator, entrepreneur, lover, visionary, lord, in love with the bull and flamenco”.

Daniel Ant

Renato Cake (Adrian Sol)

The charismatic Torta had the actor behind Adrian SunThat after Atletico San Pancho decided to focus on music. He is currently part of the Syrian Future band and occasionally does small acting jobs, as he presumes in your twitter account.

renaissance cake

Maru (Valeria Uribe)

Maru, Toño’s romantic interest and one of the best players on the team, was a character played by Valeria Uribe, who after this children’s film has not moved away from acting, although he has not had such a long career. His works include the shorts the shadow thief (2004) and That night (2007), in addition to behind-the-scenes work such as the film Best-sellerwhere he was assistant director.


the figure Estrada (Plutarco Haza)

the figure Estrada, the football celebrity who returns to his hometown to become a mentor for a children’s team, was brought to the screen by Plutarch Haza, actor who remains very active both in film and on television. Among his most recent works stand out The Lord of the Skies, Luis Miguel: The Series Y No man’s wife.

Plutarch Haza

It highlights that the child protagonists, who are now adults, have met on some occasions to remember their time in Athletic San PanchoThis was demonstrated by Adrián in a tweet from December 2021 where he appears next to his fellow cast members with the shirts of the fictional team.


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