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Do you remember Ileana Rodríguez ‘La Reclu’? This happened with the popular radio host

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ileana rodriguez became one of the most popular and beloved female radio announcers during her tenure at the station Reactor 105.7where under the nickname of The Reclu He shared many songs and relevant musical information with his listeners.

Later he ventured into television in programs such as In-D Y Fashion Police Mexico. In addition, she had an outstanding facet as a presenter in The National Time. But what has he done recently? This was told by Ileana herself during the most recent broadcast of divine netswhere he attended as a guest.

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First, The Reclu said that she currently has a podcast with two other friends, punk ladies: “We started 6 months ago, the first season is about to end. We are 3 women: Amandititita, who lives in Los Angeles; Tanía, who lives in Iceland; and I here from Mexico City. We are three women more or less the same age who have completely different lives beyond the place we live.

About his personal life, he revealed that “I have a 10 year old son and just now that I entered 40 I decided that I wanted a girlfriendI have a girlfriend, I’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half.”

“It’s funny because when I turned 30, it happened that I got pregnant and became a mother, and now at 40 I fell in love with a woman. These ages have changed me. I fell in love with the person; I wanted to experiment, but I met her and fell in love with her”, he added.

At another point in the talk, Rodríguez commented that in recent times she has been singled out for two reasons: first, because she likes reggaeton. “People wanted me to stay rocker forever, yes, only I opened a new door and I liked it. I feel like that’s what I face the most,” he said.

“The physical issue as well. In social networks I receive a lot of bullying for my physique, they expected me to stay the same as when they met me 18 years ago. I’ve worked hard at letting these kinds of things get to me. It was funny because when they called me dumb and I didn’t care, but they called me fat and I started to cry, but I’m working there to make it slip, “she confessed.


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