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Do you know them all? These are the locations where ‘Soy tu fan’ was recorded

Take the opportunity to visit them! With euphoria for the new movie ‘Soy tu fan’, the channel Channel Eleven’s TikTok He shared with us what were the locations where the love relationship between Charlie and Nicoas well as some unforgettable settings.

Some of the locations that we see in the series are open to the public, however, it is always an adventure to go looking for places street by street. where we witnessed this great romance.

Remember that due to the contingency, it is possible that some of them are temporarily closed or you must stand in line to enter.

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Charlie’s house in Colonia Roma

If you are curious to know where the great party that he prepared for him was recorded Charlie to Nico in the first season do not hesitate to visit the house that is located in the Valladolid street in the well-known Roma neighborhood.

Remember that because it is a private property, you may not be able to enter it, as well as only have a photograph from outside.

Nick’s work

On the other hand, one of the emblematic places that we see in the series is undoubtedly the Nico’s work and although many people know what location we are talking about, we must tell you that it is one of the places in the most important biodiversity in the country.

We are talking about the botanical garden of Chapultepec And compared to Charlie’s house, this one is open to the public, you just have to check availability online or in the same place.

The classic park to go for a walk

Surely you also remember that the quintessential mobile Charlie’s was the bikeTherefore, we can see that on different occasions the young woman walks through parks and here we will tell you where she is.

We refer to nothing more and nothing less than famous Spain Park, is located in the colony rome and different activities are currently being held within it and admission is free.

Do not forget to go to each of these locations and take a photograph so that you remember a little of the Charlie and Nico’s love.


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