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Do you have a twin? While Pablo Lyle awaits his trial, does a mysterious singer ‘usurp’ his identity? (PHOTOS)

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  • Does Pablo Lyle have a twin brother?
  • Waiting for his trial, does the Mexican actor go out to sing every Sunday on a reality show?
  • The Academy shocked the audience with one of its contestants

The Academy 20 years is a Mexican singing reality show organized by the Hispanic network ‘Azteca’ and has been impacting the audience for several weeks, but one of the contestants of said contest captures people’s attention not only because of his good voice, but because of his physical appearance… what does that have to do with the Mexican heartthrob Pablo Lyle?

And it is that while Pablo Lyle is already three years in tow battling with a legal process and awaiting his final judgment to know his fate after causing the death of a 63-year-old man by hitting him in a cruise lawsuit, it seems that has a ‘twin brother’ in freedom and even with a unique voice.

Pablo Lyle in freedom?

Paul Lyle Double

Although La Academia is in its last weeks of broadcasting, one of the participants profiled to win is Andrés, or as he calls himself on his social networks “Andresse”, who from the beginning of the show captured everyone’s eyes because of his physique, but The most impressive thing is that he is undoubtedly considered “the double” of the heartthrob Pablo Lyle.

While the actor fights to be released, in Mexico City, “his double” Andrés battles to win the reality show “La Academia 20 años” and since the program began, it was evident how many people stayed ” with his mouth open’ when seeing the resemblance that the 26-year-old has with the actor of 35.

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