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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Do you despise Mexicans? Daniella Navarro’s comment confirming suspicions in ‘The House of Celebrities’ (VIDEO)

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  • Daniella Navarro continues with her ‘malicious’ comments within Telemundo’s reality show
  • ‘The House of the Famous 2’ is costing the Venezuelan career?
  • The criticism for the things that the actress says are very derogatory

The last week of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ is unleashing endless campaigns discrediting the five finalists to see who is more deserving of taking the 200 thousand dollars that the winner will have, so fans of Ivonne Montero, Nacho Casano, Toni Costa, Salvador Zerboni and Daniella Navarro are releasing videos of the actions that they have all had, good and bad, but is the Venezuelan the most affected?

When at first Daniella Navarro was more unknown outside of Venezuela, nobody bet that the actress would be among the last places, but as a result of her confrontation with Niurka, who ended up being removed from the reality show in a nomination, her bonuses began to rise and From there it has been pointed out that she allegedly has ‘connections’ on Telemundo that took her to the final.

Daniella Navarro is singled out for so many actions and bad comments

Rude Daniella Navarro

From his attacks on Ivonne Montero, Natalia Alcocer, Osvaldo Ríos, Nacho Casano with whom he now has “an affair” in the final week of the reality show, to Salvador Zerboni with whom he said he was “brother” as well as against Toni Costa , now a shocking video taken directly from YouTube’s ‘live’ 24/7 is leaked where does he rant about Mexicans?

Did you have a bad time the first weeks of the contest thanks to the Mexicans? It seems that the Venezuelan forgot that she was on a reality show and everything is recorded, so her foolish words are echoing through social networks like TikTok where the attacks against him were poured.

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