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Do they humiliate Prince Harry? Badges of Queen Elizabeth II removed

  • Do they humiliate him at the funeral?
  • They claim that Prince Harry was stripped of his royal regalia
  • A friend of the controversial prince confessed how he felt

THEY ‘HUMILATE’ HIM AT A FUNERAL! After Prince Harry’s presence at his grandmother’s farewell, Queen Elizabeth II, is revealed, details emerge about the military outfit he wore during the vigil. Everything seems to indicate that the situation continues to be tense around the members of the royal family and for that reason, the reaction of the royal members continues to cause some anguish.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II brought with it looks towards the members of the royal family. Rumors about a bad relationship between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles III, continue to be the order of the day. Although, it is also due to the presence of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, whom many people blame for the tense relationship between the monarch and his son.



Prince Harry surprised by wearing his military uniform during the vigil that was paid to Queen Elizabeth II, when his grandchildren were present. At first, the response was positive and the public was moved by “the action” carried out by the new king in allowing his son to wear the suit to bid the monarch farewell; but, it seems that the situation worsened when the experts realized a detail.

Everything seems to indicate that both Prince William and Harry, in military uniforms, wore badges in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, a degree of decoration that made them part of the crown. Now, after appearing in his uniform again, it has been announced that Harry has been stripped of that royal right.

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