Home Entertainment Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

Dixie & Charli D'Amelio on their Reality TV Show 'Surreal' Trailer (Exclusive)

It appears like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio might be taught from one another when their new actuality present premieres subsequent month. In a brand new interview with ET on the Empire State Constructing, Dixie revealed that there have been scenes within the Amelio Present trailer that she’s by no means seen in actual life.

“I wanted to watch it because it was all spinning, we were all filming at different times. There was stuff that Charli was doing that I was like, ‘When did that happen?'” Dixie defined.

Charli, in the meantime, referred to as it “surreal” to see the present come collectively.

“It was really a surreal moment to see him go from simple cameras around our house watching what we’re doing to see how it all goes and really see the very growth throughout the trailer,” he mentioned. she declared.

“I think we’re just the most excited to let people come into our lives and let people have… a bigger picture,” added the ladies’ father Marc D’Amelio. “It’s a really true representation of what it’s like to live in our home.”

The trailer reveals a number of necessary moments for the household as Charli offers with the pressures of social media fame and Dixie pursues a budding music profession.

“I’m excited to see what parts people can take from it,” Dixie advised ET, whereas Charli recommended that possibly watching her and her sister deal with their very own struggles might assist others.

“You don’t have to have millions and millions of followers to feel the exact same emotions that we feel,” she mentioned. “Perhaps seeing how we dealt with this, or how we lean on the folks now we have round us, I really feel like that is one thing that comes up so much all through the sequence. . So I am actually excited for everybody to see this. ”

“There is so much more that goes into every drop we have with [our brand] Social tourists or whatever we do, any business that we work with and work with together as a family, ”Charli added.

Dixie and Charli positively made their mother and father proud.

“I am so happy with them. I imply, I’d be happy with them it doesn’t matter what, they’re good children and so they work laborious and so they all the time have,” exclaimed their mother Heidi. From Amelio. “During this trip, [I’m] trying to make sure the goal is to be happy, like any parent would, so I’m very proud. ”

The D’Amelio present premieres on Hulu with all eight episodes on September 8.