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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Divided uploaded emotional video after the death of its historic manager

The world of rock was in for a sad surprise when – yesterday – it was said on the network that the beloved had died. George “Murder” CastroHistorical Representatives of the Band separate,

The official confirmation came with an emotional video the band uploaded to their official Instagram account with the short and eloquent phrase: “In the yard of heaven, a song.”

One of the first to publish the information that was being circulated was journalist Sebastian Duarte, who wrote on his social networks: “He was diagnosed with fulminant cancer last weekend. He died.”

A few hours later, drummer Andrea Alvarez expressed on his Twitter “I can’t attribute the murder. I think of the Divididos and the pain they must be going through. Everything is so overwhelming, how sad”.

video of his birthday in january

During January, on his birthday, the group posted a video with Killing, titled “Happy Birthday to our Guardian Angel!”

next show

Ricardo Mollo from Divided.  Photo: Movistar Shukra Music Press.

Ricardo Mollo from Divided. Photo: Movistar Shukra Music Press.

Divided has a few dates set for the next few weeks. On 15 and 16 April they agreed to two productions at the Teatro de Flores, in addition to their appearance at Quilms Rock on Sunday 1 May. It is still unknown whether they will continue with their commitments or take time to grieve.


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