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Diversify acting

Raquel Garza attends work via “streaming”

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— It was difficult for Mexican actress Raquel Garza to adapt to the growth of the entertainment industry as a result of the pandemic. However, the pandemic forced it to update and open up new formats in theatre, television and streaming.

Raquel said yesterday, “In this tough world of the Sangha to keep going, I can’t be left behind, one has to give up fear, shortcuts or a little love for these demonstrations.”

These statements arise because the actress is part of the play “Mothers with Mother”, a staging that aired yesterday and which reached Raquel after “streaming” rejected the theater for a long time.

For Raquel, the experience was novel, in addition to being fruitful, as she found a new way of discovering her abilities as an actress and emotion in this expression.

He said, “It was a different way of expressing myself, a language and another way of saying things in a world that was unknown to me and even dismissed, but in the end I felt the energy of the theatre.”

The play also brings together the talents of Luz María Zetina, Paco de Miguel, and Mariana Echeverria, and they explore different ways of being a mother, so that Raquel can’t help but with each monologue they perform. be able to identify

Her career today is so diverse that the modernity suggested by plays by “Streming”, actress famous for her character as Tere the Secretary, a classic television comedy, “Dr. Candido Pérez”, from televisa.

“Donna Kata is abandoned and scared, and her fear makes her want to be with her daughter all the time, she is a mop, she spends her time molesting and harassing the poor daughter, but out of love she created a family,” said Raquel, who plays the protagonist’s mother-in-law.

The recording of this event was done very carefully and for this reason there were some rehearsals that she did before filming, however, the actress is sure that those who participate in it become “a family”.

The original version of the program, popular in the 80s, featured a doctor who was too flirtatious with his female patients, so the new version had to soften its content and language for this version.

But Raquel would not remain silent, the same year the actress began working on “Cecilia”, in which she takes part in the first series created for a digital platform, Paramount+.

“You have to diversify, I need to touch other platforms, many people know me from my work at Televisa but it is important to expand to other places. This woman has to learn to adapt to her new life circumstances”, he reflected.


To keep an eye

another actor

As for her peers in the play “Mothers with Mother”, actress Raquel Garza assures that it was very pleasant to share the stage with the “influential” Paco de Miguel, although he never saw her as an Internet personality but just another. Seen as an actor.

“He was very disciplined”

“I was never with an ‘influencer.’ I was with an actor. He was a collaborator who was an understanding, generous and very disciplined actor. I believe there are ‘influencers’ because they have There is something to say”, confirms Raquel.

The term Variety by Acting first appeared on El Diario de Yucatán.