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DISTURBING! Autopsy video of Valentín Elizalde appears and they discover the worst

  • They show alleged autopsy images of Valentín Elizalde.
  • They assure that the singer received a coup de grâce.
  • They find strange detail in the body of ‘El Gallo de Oro’.

Autopsy of Valentin Elizalde. An emblematic figure of the Mexican regional was undoubtedly ‘El Gallo de Oro’, however his talent and artistic career collapsed when he was assassinated. One of the things that caused great controversy and various doubts was the moment in which they performed the autopsy on Valentín Elizalde.*

The death of Valentín Elizalde continues to be in the sights of public opinion, since there have been several theories about the causes of his death, but none have been confirmed yet. Almost 18 years after his death, a video appears showing the alleged autopsy images of “El Gallo de Oro”.

The theme of the death of Valentín Elizalde resurfaces

Autopsy of Valentin Elizalde

We well know that social networks have diverse content that give a lot to talk about, because when it comes to public figures, different opinions are unleashed and what can be expected when it comes to one of the great legends within the Mexican regional that captivated more of a heart when he was alive.

Despite the fact that Valentín Elizalde was a character who earned the hatred of many, he also managed to conquer a large part of those who listened to his melodies, which is why his death continues to echo today. It was through the YouTube platform that the video was shared where images of the body of the Mexican regional singer were apparently leaked. Filed Under: Autopsy of Valentín Elizalde.

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