Disney Plus will celebrate Star Wars Day with everything and The Simpsons

This May 4 Disney Plus is preparing to celebrate the Star wars day and he is preparing the holiday, where he will even premiere a series and a Simpsons special.

The platform Disney He started the festivities by changing all the arts of the movies and series that he has in his catalog. Placing new images looking to renew the way it is seen on the site.

Movies are being presented with new arts.

In addition to that, this May 4 comes the first chapter of the The Bad Batch series, which will have 70 minutes, later each week shorter chapters will be released.

Disney wants to continue exploiting the world of Star Wars. (Photo: Special)

This series is the cdirect continuation of Clone Wars, and will tell the story of a group of clones with characteristics very different from the rest, who will seek their place in the galaxy.

An animated short of The Simpsons from Star Wars, where the protagonist will be the baby Maggie and will be set in the saga.

Maggie will star in a Simpsons animated short.

Thus, the platform will celebrate Star Wars Day, one of the most important dates for fans.

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