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Disney Plus’ ‘Sneakerella’ official trailer debuts (exclusive)

Disney+’s sneakerella puts a modern spin on the classic cinderella fairy tale, and only ET exclusively premieres the official trailer for the film.

The upcoming film, set in New York City’s avant-garde street/sneaker culture, follows L (Chosen Jacobs), an aspiring designer from Queens, who works as a stock boy at a shoe store that once lived with his late… was owned by the mother. A chance encounter with Kira King (Lexie Underwood), daughter of former NBA star/sneaker tycoon Darius King (John Sally), with two half-brothers between an overburdened stepfather and any opportunity that comes his way There may be a spark. Which ignites L as they bond over their shared love of sneakers. With the help of his best friend and some “fairy godfather” magic, L finds the courage to fulfill his dream.

“I think it’s a dream role for any actor. It’s a role that you can think of as a child,” Jacobs told ET. “Not only to have a cinderella The movie, which is such a classic, and part of the Disney family, but also for being able to put a really cool spin on it. And as a kid who grew up loving R&B and hip-hop, to be able to feature it in a classic movie cinderellaThis is everything I could have asked for. I was able to access every tool in the toolshed. Between acting and dancing and music, it was everything I could imagine and so much more.”

Jacobs, whose credits include god friend me, Hawaii Five-0 And Castle Rockalso told what immediately attracted him to L.

Jacobs says of his character, “L has a heart of gold. L is the best friend anyone could ask for, and it’s something I definitely strive to have.” “I think everyone strives to be a little more like L. No matter what life has given him, with the passing of his mother and things don’t always work out for him, he’s always going to be green. Finds a way to overcome obstacles and keep a smile on his face and put others before himself. I love L’s selflessness and I try to be like that in real life. He’s such a nice guy – A guy who isn’t afraid of himself, Submissive. And his best friend, Sami, helps him come out of his shell from time to time. But just a really nice guy. Really cute.”

The actor spoke about sharing the screen with Underwood and Sally, saying it was “unprecedented” to “work with such cool people”.

Filmed at the height of the pandemic in 2020, Jacobs recalls being in a bubble with her co-stars for the entire shoot, which helped create a family atmosphere on the sets. “They were the only people I was in contact with during those four months,” he reflected. “It actually became more of a family than usual during a movie. We all depended on each other and we were able to bring this project into a beautiful place.”

Jacobs praised Underwood, calling him “a great visual companion” and Sally, whom he considered “one of the funniest men on earth”. “Every take, I’m almost ruining it because he makes you laugh at the take, because it’s so funny and [he’s] Just such a good fellow,” he said, revealing that the real “sneakerhead” among the cast is Underwood, whom he said has a “tough” collection. “She would embarrass me on that!”

What audiences expect from them when they tune in sneakerellaIt is that love comes in all forms.

He added, “There’s something for everyone in this film because it’s about love. Whether it’s the young love between El and Kira, or more importantly, finding love for oneself.” “L’s whole journey is discovering how to love our differences. And I think the most beautiful thing in this world is to love each other for the differences that make us unique. So no matter what It doesn’t matter what age you belong to, what caste you belong to, what religion you belong to, whatever you are, it just spreads the message of love and positivity. I feel like this is something we all can use Huh.”

sneakerella Drops Friday, May 13 on Disney+.

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