Home Entertainment Disney lost $ 600 million to Black Widow hacking

Disney lost $ 600 million to Black Widow hacking

Disney lost $ 600 million to Black Widow hacking

The simultaneous premiere in the cinema and in Disney + from Black widow It was a resounding failure for the production company as they lost millions of dollars.

The pandemic of COVID-19 it resulted in many of the films believed to be released in theaters being broadcast to streaming platforms or premiering at the same time; However, piracy was essential for these to fail at collection.

And the fact is that there are quite a few people who know how to download videos from different platforms and put them on pirate sites that can be accessed for free or at a lower cost than official platforms.

Black Widow suffered from this problem as it is estimated that has had losses of $ 600 millionbecause few have seen it in the cinema and the majority have opted for illegal options.

On the opening weekend, it grossed $ 80 million in theaters and $ 60 million on Disney + Premium Access; but as the days went by the amounts increased instead and income was low.

Disney Lost $ 600 Million To Black Widow Hacking - Light Home News
Black Widow is coming to theaters and Disney Plus.

According to ScreenRant, that tape was 1.More hacked since the COVID-19 pandemic beganthat has caused millions in losses (20 million times).

Thus, Black Widow was a fundraising failure, and this motivated Disney to once again avoid simultaneous premieres and focus on deciding whether their premieres go to theaters or straight to the platform.

Scarlett Johanson hit by Black Widow failure

It was precisely this simultaneous premiere that influenced the agreement with which Scarlett Johanson was involved Disney, so the actress sued the company.

Fortunately, after several negotiations, they reached an agreement; Though Johanson couldn’t get the money he originally had in mind because of what was being generated by the tape at the box office.

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